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January 12, 2022

Start 2022 with these New Year property resolutions

This is the perfect time of year to start planning your future and if selling your home is part of that plan, you’ll find a booming property market with eager buyers ready to greet you.

Don’t take success for granted, though. Owners who maximise the value of their property put in long hours researching the market, talking to experienced agencies such as ours, and preparing meticulously.

Sales success isn’t achieved by accident. There are many issues to consider, and you’ll have to coordinate tradespeople to fix any problem that could dissuade buyers or be used against you when it’s time to negotiate.

To set you on the right path, we’ve put together five powerful ideas to inspire your thinking. We hope you find them helpful. 

Make a deadline

Put a date in your calendar that sets a deadline for placing your home on the market. If time is on your side, consider which season of the year will most suit your property. For example, if you have a swimming pool, summer or late spring are perfect.

Do your homework

Check out the recent sales of local properties similar to yours in style, size, and position. Be aware the property market can change almost weekly, so the prices you see should act as a guide only. Go to a couple of inspections and note what other owners have done and how their homes present.

Find an agent

Ask family and friends for recommendations. Of course, we’re confident we can achieve a successful sale for you and take care of you through your selling journey. We’d be thrilled to have the opportunity to talk with you.

Preparation makes perfect

Walk around your home with a critical eye and be honest about what needs to be done. Any short-cuts could harm your price potential. A good agent will offer feedback, knowing which investments will deliver a return and those that might pass unnoticed by prospective buyers.

Potential improvements

Owners who are determined to maximise the value of their home will fix any structural problems, repaint, improve the garden and declutter like crazy. An untidy home makes it feel small and undesirable. 

Talk to the experts today at Clarke & Humel and let us help with your property goals.