December 21, 2021

Secret Properties on The Northern Beaches

With the property market remaining strong, especially so on the Northern Beaches, one option to get ahead of the market and snap up the property of your dreams and avoid the fanfare of auctions and potential disappointment of missing out on your dream home is through using a Northern Beaches buyers agent. Finding the best properties on the Northern Beaches and one that is perfect for your needs could be easier than you may think with the help of Clarke & Humel and our dedicated team of professionals making the search for your dream Northern Beaches property as seamless as possible.

Let’s explore some of the benefits of using a buyers agent and how at Clarke & Humel, we can help you secure the Northern Beaches property of your dreams using off market property agents.

What is a Buyer's Agent

A Northern Beaches buyer's agent is a licensed professional who is a specialist in searching, evaluating and negotiating the purchase of a property on the behalf of the buyer. At Clarke & Humel we can work for you, acting as your very own advocate and off market property agent in securing the best property for your needs and will often have access to properties that have not yet been advertised on the open market through our secret properties with our agents being able to begin negotiations to secure the property for you.

Benefits of Using a Buyer’s Agent

There are multiple benefits of using a Northern Beaches buyer’s agent when looking for the perfect Northern Beaches property for your needs, let’s explore some of these benefits.

Time Saver

Are you sick and tired of constantly looking through multiple classified listings for properties or visiting multiple real estate websites looking for the perfect property for you and comparing each property against each other? This can potentially take a lot of time, energy and effort, not to mention the fact that a large number of properties potentially available won’t ever appear on these listings or websites or even the open real estate market itself. 

By simply registering for the Clarke & Humel secret properties and filling out only 14 questions this will give us the information that we need to be able to match your needs with many of the properties that we may already have access to and are not yet openly on the market. Let our experienced team and off market property agents take the time to help you find the perfect property while saving you time looking for the perfect property.

Access to a Wide Range of Properties

There’s an age old saying and that saying is “it is not what you know, it’s who you know”, and in the property industry this cannot be further from the truth. By registering for the Clarke & Humel secret properties we will be able to update you with the very latest information on the best properties on the Northern Beaches that suit your property search. Having this advantage can put you in a favourable position to secure a deal on a property that is not available to the general public and put you in a stronger position to negotiate.

Best of all is that in having access to properties that are still unlisted you will be beating other potential purchases to the sale and will be in a much more favourable position to negotiate.

Helping You Choose The Best Property

Through understanding your Northern Beaches property needs and desires our off market property agents can put this information to use by adding it into our extensive database of properties for sale, with most of these not being advertised to the general market. Once we find a potential property or properties that may suit your specific needs we can then help in the negotiation process with the end goal of securing you the property of your dreams. Simply register at https://www.clarkeandhumel.com.au/account/log-in/

Emotional Filter

Buying a property even for the most seasoned buyer can be a very emotional and stressful process and sometimes this can get the best of a buyer and rash decisions can potentially be made. Having a skilled Northern Beaches buyer’s agent who has been through the process of securing properties previously on your side and making non-emotional based decisions can potentially save a lot of stress and headaches throughout the entire process.


Once we have identified the perfect property that suits your property needs, we can provide you with a complete market analysis including the potential selling price to ensure that this suits your budget. We can also help in providing inspections such as pest inspections or structural tests that can potentially show up problems that may impact the sale value or the property or could potentially cost you money down the track in expensive repair or other fees.

Out of Area Buyers

Are you an out of area buyer who hasn’t bought property on the Northern Beaches before? This can make purchasing property a bit trickier and even more time consuming with extra time spent on traveling to property inspections. Having a buyer’s agent armed with the information of exactly what you’re looking for can save time and stress by only investing the time to look at the properties in which are the closest matches to what you’re looking for.

By signing up to our secret properties you can gain the Clarke & Humel advantage and put our experienced team of real estate agents to work so that you can be the first to know about the perfect Northern Beaches property for your needs.