November 19, 2021

Renting on The Northern Beaches

There are more people than ever looking for the perfect beachside lifestyle, with laid back views and feeling of the ocean breeze hitting the skin and senses and still being in close proximity to one of the world’s best cities. This lifestyle desire, even amongst the chaos of the Covid pandemic has fuelled a demand from both renters and landlords alike on the Northern Beaches that has gone against the grain of recent property trends in other areas of the country and shows no signs of slowing down. 

Let us at Clarke & Humel guide you through some of the best reasons to rent on the Northern Beaches, including some of our favourite Northern Beaches rentals and houses for rent on the Northern Beaches

Better Than Buying

There are a number of reasons other than the pure financial cost why one might choose to rent a property or apartment instead of making the investment and choice of buying. Let us explore some of the reasons why people might prefer rental properties on the Northern Beaches instead of purchasing.


Renting offers a much greater flexibility for choice of living locations then buying a house or apartment. Once you buy a house or apartment, if it turns out after a while that you don’t like the location or the lifestyle it is then a major and stressful process to sell and move elsewhere. By renting this hassle can be avoided as renting is a much smaller investment than a property purchase and it is easier to change from one rental to another than from one property purchase to another. Especially when changing locations many people opt to rent for a shorter time period to figure out if it is the right area for them and whether they like the lifestyle prior to making the investment of purchase.

Moving from one area to another can be a significant change in lifestyle, if you were to move from say the Inner West to Manly this would be a big adjustment and it would be better to see if this adjustment suits you by looking at Manly rental properties and trying out the lifestyle change prior to making a property purchase.


Many apartment and unit complexes as well as mid-sized townhouse complexes may come equipped with amenities that if the common homeowner wanted to enjoy would come at a major investment of both finances and time. An example of this would be an inground pool, in which as a property owner would be a major investment and if you were to sell you aren’t always guaranteed a return on this investment. Many apartment complexes have inbuilt pools where, as a renter, you can have access to this luxury at a minimal cost (there will still be the additional cost in strata fees), however this is nowhere near the cost of forking out the cash to build and purchase a pool.

Another would be an in-home gym, where once again this would require a significant investment in expensive exercise equipment and an ongoing maintenance cost of maintenance if something were to break. Again, this is something that certain renters can easily have access to without investing in the financial burden.

Maintenance and Upkeep

One of the major benefits of renting as opposed to property purchase is that there are not the associated maintenance requirements and costly repair bills that may be incurred. Simple things like plumbing and electrical which need to be maintained and can be extremely expensive if something goes wrong will not be at the burden of the renter, as a property owner it would be your responsibility to bear the full financial burden should you say need to get rewiring done in your roof due to a water leak.

Another benefit of renting is a reduced cost in insurance premiums with this being significantly lower for someone who is renting as property insurance would be covered by the landlord and the only insurance cost that would need to be outright covered by the renter is contents insurance.

Easy to Downsize and Downgrade

As the same with moving into a new location, it is much easier to downgrade and downsize if one is renting as opposed to having to go through the process of selling their property. This is especially true for those later in life who may have 2 or 3 kids living at home who then move out leaving a big empty property, or those who are unable to look after a large property by themselves.

On the other hand, the same can also be said for upsizing, where this is much easier than going through the process of selling property for something bigger. Perhaps you suddenly find that there is a new little face coming into your family or you have adult children who need to move back in. It would be much easier to upsize to a new rental than having to buy a new and larger property.

Less Heartbreak

Sometimes love can hurt, and it is much better for those especially in a new relationship who want to move in together to rent a house or apartment rather than purchase. It can be a long drawn-out process to actually purchase a property and the same can be said for the sale of a property with the potential for this to then be complicated by differences of opinions of the two parties, as well as the legal issues that could complicate the whole process. By renting this whole process can be avoided if heartbreak happens.

Mercy of Interest Rates and Pricing Fluctuations

The housing market has cycles and fluctuations in which it can be difficult to choose the best time in which to buy or sell. This can potentially have a massive financial impact on whether money is made or lost on property and other factors including whether finance for home loans will be approved for some individuals at certain times when property prices are higher.

Along with the fluctuations of the housing market, there is always fluctuations in interest rates and this can be very stressful for those with home loans as a change in interest rates will have a direct impact on how much money needs to be paid back on loans with this having the potential to leave less money in the pocket for everyday expenses for those with expensive loans to repay.

Best Suburbs to Rent

At Clarke & Humel we always have a number of Northern Beaches rentals, with both houses of all sizes and apartments available regardless of which suburb you would like to locate to, whether you are looking for a longer-term rental or are just looking to get a feel for the area and are looking for something shorter term.


Some of the more popular rental suburbs in the Northern Beaches are.


Manly rental properties and Manly apartment rentals are always a popular choice for those dipping their toes in the Northern Beaches lifestyle, some of our recently leased properties include;

The beautiful freestanding residence at 30 Fairlight Street, Manly with 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and parking for 1, offers a haven of seamless functionality and versatility.


The impressive apartment at 9/12 Fairlight Street, Manly boasts an enviable lifestyle setting with the ideal orientation for winter warmth and a fresh cool summer.


Curl Curl

Curl Curl rentals for both houses and apartments are another one of the most popular options for renting on the Northern Beaches. Some of the beautiful properties that Clarke & Humel have leased include;

1/83 Carrington Parade, Curl Curl a freshly renovated beach pad sitting directly across the road from the sand and surf enjoying tranquil sea breezes and a sunny seaside balcony.


72A Headland Road, North Curl Curl with its bright and spacious interiors and brand new state-of-the-art garden flat that is designed to perfection.


Balgowlah rentals for both houses and apartments are a popular choice amongst those who want to move into the Northern Beaches and still be closer to the city lifestyle. Some recent rentals in the area include;

1/117 Griffiths Street, Balgowlah a newly renovated apartment defined by spacious interiors and modern finishes with a wraparound sun filled balcony with tranquil looks.


48 Woolgoolga Street, North Balgowlah spanning over two levels with a versatile floor plan this home is perfect for today's modern family or a sun-drenched entertainers’ terrace.


Freshwater rentals properties are another ever popular option for rentals on the Northern Beaches with some recent standout rentals being;


5/40 Waine street, Freshwater with leafy district views that can be seen from almost every room of the fabulous top floor apartment.


44 Soldiers Avenue, Freshwater with bright open living spaces and an integrated indoor/ outdoor entertaining option with the single level home providing a haven of luxury.


With a number of beneficial reasons to rent as opposed to purchase property and numerous reasons why, if you’re looking for rental properties on the Northern Beaches don’t hesitate to contact us at Clarke & Humel and let us help you find the perfect rental property for your needs.