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March 19, 2021

Explore 5 Seaside and Seashore Charms in Freshwater & Curl Curl

The suburbs of Freshwater and Curl Curl have always had a laidback atmosphere which is why most Curl Curl real estate and that in Freshwater is almost taken off the market as soon as it is available. That said, here are 5 seaside and seashore charms these suburbs have to offer that makes any property irresistible to any buyer or renter.


Harbord Lagoon

For those who love fishing, Harbord Lagoon offers a great quiet spot to enjoy the scenery and catch a fish or two. From king mackerel to dusky flathead, you’ll be amazed at what your bait catches. If fishing has made your legs feel heavy, then a quick stroll in and around Curl Curl Lagoon will do you some good. It’s a 3-kilometre walking track that’s easy enough for all ages and those wheelchair-bound as there are no steps on this walking track.

If you’re looking to take a dip, it’s better to head over to North or South Curl Curl Beach.


Curl Curl Beach

If there’s one great selling feature about Curl Curl real estate, it’s its natural swimming beach. With a large uninhabited space in front of Curl Curl Beach, it makes for one of the best unspoiled beaches in the Curl Curl and Freshwater neighbourhoods. However, this beach can also be one of the most unpredictable ones as rip tides and current changes occur frequently. It’s best for experienced adult swimmers and even then, caution must be practiced at all times. If you have toddlers and small kids, visit the South Curl Curl Rockpool instead.


South Curl Curl Rockpool

A safer, well-maintained rockpool, it’s a 50-metre ocean pool that gives you enough personal space to enjoy the water and waves with your kids. The area also has access to toilets, showers, and parking so you’re assured to have a swimming session full of fun and comfort. However, as with all natural rockpools, you might have to check the weather and surf conditions first before going in. There’s also a regular cleaning schedule so make sure you’re blocking those dates off the calendar too!


Freshwater Surfing and Heritage Walk

The Freshie beach has always been the locals’ favourite when it comes to surfing. If you’re not so great on the surfboard, take on the much easier boardwalk instead to learn more about Freshwater’s surfing heritage. This 3.5-kilometre walking track will have you tread strides to gently sloping hills down to the beach. As you go along this boardwalk, watch out for surfing monuments commemorating legendary surfers.


Freshwater Beach & Reserve

If you don’t want to miss the action, be sure to check out Freshwater Beach on Sundays during to catch some of the best and up and coming surfers catch a good break. Good thing that all Freshwater real estate has access to the free Freshwater Beach Reserve.

So, if you want closer access to these seaside spots, have a look at our properties for rent or sell in Curl Curl and Freshwater. Get in touch with Clarke & Humel, too, before some eager buyer gets it first.