2 mins
December 8, 2021

Celebrate the New Year with a Sale!

There’s no better way of seeing in the New Year than beginning a new chapter in your life – and that’s what happens when you achieve an exciting result from selling your home. Too many owners retreat from the property market as Christmas and New Year approaches. Being an experienced agency in your area, we believe that’s a mistake.

Serious buyers will stay in the game, especially this year when so many have missed out on the limited number of properties that have been for sale. And don’t forget some features make a strong impact with buyers during the summer months, including swimming pools, spas and outdoor entertainment areas.

We recommend you make the most of this summer selling season, capitalising on the continuing high demand for property in our area. To inspire your thinking, we’ve created a list of tips for preparing your home for sale.

Demand stays strong - Pent-up demand for property after Covid-19 lockdowns and border closures means the serious buyers will stay in the market regardless of the summer holiday season.

Fast deal is a happy deal - Get the deal done now, and you’ll avoid the crush of properties coming on to the market next year, helping you hold your ground on price and your desired settlement period.

Buyers remain keen - Enthusiasm to start the New Year with a new start drives a lot of buyer behaviour. Real estate portals such as Realestate.com.au and Domain report that they enjoy some of their highest audience numbers of the year around the new year – and you should tap into that.

Prepare properly - You still need to be meticulous in your preparation to maximise your home’s value. Among the many tasks, make sure windows, and paths are clean, as dirt and dust accumulates with a mixture of heat and summer rains. The grass tends to grow quickly at this time of year so if you’re going to be on a break, make sure you’ve organised for someone to mow regularly. 

Take centre stage - Consider staging your home for a summer sale. Light furniture materials, such as wicker, and bright colours for throw rugs and cushions, help enhance the wonderful feel of sunshine and good living.

If you’ve got it, flaunt it - Features such as a swimming pool, spa, entertainment area and lovely gardens are deal-clinchers at this time of year. It’s all about a relaxing summer lifestyle.

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