January 21, 2022

A workplace sea change

One of the biggest adjustments recently to human behaviour came from the adjustment to how we work, as well as the shift in the amount of people working from home. As the pandemic has rolled on longer than anyone thought, working from home to some extent has become more of a permanent feature in the lives of many people. This shift has seen an increase in property demand on the Northern Beaches and has seen a shift in the demographic of people moving into the area. We have also seen more younger families moving into the Northern Beaches, particularly from inner city suburbs and the Inner West.

It is estimated that every year 350,000 Australians seriously think about or talk about making a sea change with 20% of these people actually making it happen. Of these people, 80% are glad they made the change and wish that they had done so sooner. With so many individuals making a sea change each year, have you ever thought about making a workplace sea change and the benefits of moving your workplace to the seaside? With so much commercial property available on the Northern Beaches including office spaces in Manly, commercial real estate in Manly, and commercial real estate in Brookvale, a workplace sea change could be the perfect change for you and your team.

At Clarke & Humel, with our office being located in Manly and a few short steps away from the beach we for one can definitely attest to the benefits of working by the sea. Let’s explore some of our favourite reasons for working by the sea.

Benefits of a Workplace Sea Change

Most of us are well aware of the positive benefits of a sea change and why a healthy lifestyle is best, however there are also many benefits of a  workplace sea change that could be beneficial to you and your team.

The View

One of the best things about being close to the ocean is the view and for those who are lucky enough to live with an ocean view are well aware of this. What could be even better than having a view of the ocean from home is having a view of the ocean from your desk at work. What do you currently see from your desk at work while looking out the window? Another building? A street? Surely looking out and seeing the beautiful blue of the ocean on a sunny day while working away will make you more relaxed and be much better than the current view from your desk.

Exercise and Wellness

Working close to the sea definitely has a number of benefits both for physical health and mental health. Other than hopefully being able to look out the window and see water, the beach is the perfect place to get a bit of fresh air and exercise or relax. What could be better than having a short walk along the sand on your lunch break, or eating lunch by the waves, or perhaps even if it is a warm summer day a quick lunchtime swim may cool you down and help you power through the afternoon workload. If surfing is your thing what could possibly be better than catching a few waves before work and only having to walk down the road to the office? Or a particularly stressful day may call for a short break and some meditation on the sand.


Where there is water, waves and sand there are generally shops, whether these be small food shops of different varieties and cafes or a mixture of variety shops and small supermarkets/ grocery stores or surf wear stores there is more often than not plenty of choice. At Clarke & Humel we are located in a strip of shops and our staff are spoiled for choice whether they just want to have a quick browse on their lunch break or save some time and do a spot of grocery shopping.


There aren’t many better ways to relax than spending some time by the ocean, even just the sea breeze coming off the water and hitting our sense of smell has been scientifically proven to be relaxing in itself. This can be beneficial for your own health and that of your team, and the more relaxed your team is the better they are likely to perform and the less stressed they will be.


More often than not the strips that accompany the beach are populated by a variety of restaurants and cafes, a perfect example of this is the shops that line Manly Beach, offering some of the best lunch spots in Manly, and what could possibly be better than organising team lunches where it is just a short walk to delicious food and quality views of the ocean? Or even grabbing a quick coffee by the beach before starting the day.

Pleasing Clients

Are you in a business where you are constantly having meetings with clients? What better way than to impress your clients and build relationships with them even further by inviting them to your Northern Beaches seaside office for a lunchtime or afternoon meeting and being able to share the beautiful views and enjoy a meal or drink as you discuss business.

Chasing The Talent

There has been an increase in people moving to the Northern Beaches due to being able to work from home and traditional proximity to the city not being as desirable as previously, so there is now more talent on the Northern Beaches than ever before. So a workplace sea change to the Northern Beaches would make logical sense if you are looking for and trying to attract the best possible talent.

The Best Commercial Suburbs

Being spoiled for choice on the Northern Beaches with so much seaside land and many beautiful suburbs to choose from with so many commercial spaces available to lease and commercial spaces available for sale, it may be difficult to choose which suburbs are best for your workplace sea change. At Clarke & Humel two of our most popular and sought after suburbs for commercial and office space enquiries are Manly and Brookvale.

With the close proximity to a number of public transport services and being the closest of the Northern Beaches to the Sydney CBD, we have recently had a number of enquiries about office space in Manly and commercial real estate in Manly, as a commercial premise in Manly ourselves we can understand why so many businesses may be looking to make a workplace sea change to the area. With an ever growing commercial and business community, a major industrial estate and close proximity to the Westfield Warringah Mall (the main shopping centre on the Northern Beaches), there is always demand for commercial real estate in Brookvale.

If you’re considering a workplace sea change or have been inspired by reading about the potential benefits of working by the sea for yourself and your staff, don’t hesitate to contact us today and we’ll be more than happy to discuss with you the commercial real estate opportunities that are available on the Northern Beaches including Manly commercial real estate, Manly office space, and Brookvale commercial real estate, and help you in the first steps of making a workplace sea change.