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April 14, 2022

7 affordable ways to make your home feel new again

When you're thinking about placing your home on the market, one of the first thoughts is whether you need to renovate before selling or how much work you really need to do to get your home ready.

Nobody likes leaving money on the table, and it would be a crying shame if you failed to achieve the actual value of your home for the lack of a few simple improvements.

Large-scale renovation comes at a price and with the current labour and building material supply issues, it can be pretty steep. And any investment needs to be a safe bet, not a long-shot gamble. 

As an experienced agency in the area, we would be happy to advise you on how best to improve your home to maximise its value in the current market. We'll give you pointers on the features that command a price premium. You might be surprised at how easy these are to achieve. 

If making alterations to your home doesn't appeal because of the time and effort required, we know a few strategies to give prospective buyers the impression your home has been recently renovated.

Here are some ideas to consider. 

First impression

Invest in some simple tech, such as a video-enabled doorbell and sensor lights. A state-of-the-art front door lock also makes a great impression. At a minimum, tidy the front garden and paint the doors and windows if they're weather-worn.

Little things count 

You'll be amazed how new internal door handles lift a home. You can create the same magic by updating the cupboard handles in the kitchen, too. And make sure all the light switches are wiped down and removed from any grubby marks. Wall and skirting scuff marks can be easily removed with spray on sugar soap and the white magic eraser sponges which may remove the need to paint. 

Kitchen smarts

A modern benchtop surface will bring sparkle to your kitchen. It will feel like new even though you paid just a small percentage of a major kitchen renovation.

Zap your clutter 

Clean out your cupboards to make room for what you actually use. An untidy home makes a grim impression. A big throw out will save you time and money when it comes to moving. Do you really want to take all this stuff to your new home? If the answer is no or not sure, donate it to charity or throw. 

Home office space

Covid has made a home office nook a must-have. The space you allocate should feel fresh with the bright and light furniture. A good amount of storage is a winner. Don't personalise it too much as you want buyers to picture themselves in their next home rather than feel they're visiting yours.

Spice it up

If there's an area that's a little bland, don't be afraid to brighten the space with colour. Paint is one of the cheapest renovation solutions, or a smart wallpaper. But don't go over the top. Buyers can recoil at the sight of bright orange or bus-stop red. Also, consider what might be achieved on a worn wooden floor if you painted it or revarnished it.

Small spaces

If you're wondering what to do with a small bedroom or toilet, consider using patterned wallpaper to make an impression. There are lots of modern, funky designs these days, so have some fun.

Let there be light 

Make the most of the natural light that comes into your home. Pull back the curtains and move furniture from in front windows. Complement this by installing modern lights in the main living areas, even if it is just standing lamps. It can transform your home. 


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