3 mins
April 19, 2022

6 ways to sell the dream of your home to buyers

When the heat in a booming property market eases down a notch, sellers need to become more competitive to maximise the value of their homes.

Some buyers may feel they have the whip-hand, thinking they can low-ball you because the banks predict rising interest rates. But that's not true if they've set their heart on making your property the home of their dreams.

As a seller, you need to tap into that dream emotion. You want to make your house sparkle and outshine all the other properties of similar style and size in your area.

With the prospect of an election, an interest rate rise and higher inflation, it's advisable to tweak your approach to create competition between prospective buyers rather than wait for it to happen.

As experienced local agents, we can help assess your property to identify the improvements that will deliver a great return on investment.

While every property is different, here's a list of common improvements that can be made at minimal cost but will attract today's buyers.

Bathroom blues

If you want a stylish bathroom without the cost of a full renovation, paint the walls light blue. It looks terrific if the bath and toilet are white.

Be neutral

Painting your home is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to freshen up your house or apartment. Stick to neutral colours, as these will appeal to most buyers. If you select bold colours, you'll alienate a decent percentage of them. 

Tech appeal

Despite the minimal cost, technology in the home impresses so many buyers. A security camera and doorbell is a favourite installation. Touchless taps in the kitchen and bathroom add to the wow factor. A spot to charge phones and devices in the kitchen or living room is also a winner. Check out a few smart home websites for more inspiration.

Light it up

Lighting makes a huge difference in a home. We'll always make sure they're turned on when buyers visit. Any fixtures that look tired or dated should be replaced. Yellowing, plastic light switches and overhead fans need to go as do anything that is gathering dust or dead insects.

Somewhere to sit

Owners often forget a garden is a place of enjoyment and relaxation, not somewhere to endure the labour of mowing and pulling weeds. So, create an area in the garden where you can sit and enjoy the sun's warmth.

Do declutter

Do we need to tell you to tidy up? Just for the record – no dirty dishes left in the sink, and please, and put away the kids' toys, your garden tools and park the trailer or caravan or boat at a friends. That's just the start. Decluttering is a serious operation, and we'll step you through everything you need to do. But just remember – the more you declutter now, the less you have to pack so much when it comes time to move!

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