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January 11, 2022

5 signs that tell you it's time to sell your home

In the current property market, it’s not unusual for owners to suffer a little price envy, having seen their neighbours achieve an excellent sales result for their home.

With national values rising at their fastest rate since the 1980s, there will always be occasions when houses and apartments far exceed price expectations. And yes, it could happen for you, too. As an experienced agency in our area, we know only too well that a great sales experience is not just about price outcome but the opportunity to begin a fresh chapter of your life in a new home.

The prospect of achieving an astonishing price should be tempered with the reality that you’ll buy your next property in a seller’s market. So, the question of whether you should move home is not just about money but lifestyle aspirations. 

Below, we’ve listed five signs that might suggest it’s time to start thinking about finding a new dream home. 

Growing family

Toddlers become teenagers in the blink of an eye. And as that happens, the need for a larger home grows. If you’re feeling the squeeze, listening to the kids demanding separate bedrooms, need space for a home office or wanting some outdoor entertaining space, it’s time to upsize.

Time to downsize

The other side of the coin is when the children are grown and gone. Some family homes feel hollow, and maintenance tasks you used to handle easily now feel like a real chore. Maybe some rooms sit empty for weeks or months. If this sounds like your home, consider downsizing to something that’s easier to maintain, has lifestyle benefits and which you can lock up and leave securely when you go on longer holidays. 

Need new location

A job change or the desire to be closer to your children’s new school are all excellent reasons for finding a new home. Your new location may offer new lifestyle advantages, more convenience, or even be closer to extended family.  

Doesn’t do it for you anymore

We can all get bored. Some owners feel they’ve improved their home to the point where there’s nothing more to do and become restless. Others want to be closer to the bright lights or yearn for more trees. Lockdowns made us all hyper aware of our surroundings and many have decided to make a fresh start. 

You’ve got the cash

Property is a great investment, and if you have equity in your current home, it’s a legitimate strategy to climb the property ladder to build your wealth. Your primary residence is one of the biggest tax-free investments you can own.  

If we can help you sell your current home, please do not hesitate to contact us.