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March 12, 2021

5 Outdoor Spots That Will Make You Want to Rent a Property in Manly

Manly needs no introduction, especially if you’re a surfer. While Manly was the home of the first surfing contest in 1964, its history for surfing goes back as far as 1903. Now if you absolutely cannot live without hearing the waves or skip a beach day, then there’s no reason for you not to have a Manly property under your name. Still hesitant about getting one? Well then here are 5 outdoor spots you will have easy access to if you take a rental in Manly.



If you’ve always dreamt of living near the beach, then Manly real estate offerings will definitely give you a lot of great finds. If you are in for some action and need strong waves, take a pick from the long stretch of surf spots starting from the famous Manly Beach down to Shelly Beach on the eastern side. Now if you seek the waves for some peace and comfort, head to the quieter, more secluded Delwood Beach. There’s also Little Manly Beach that’s perfect for families with young ones. With all these beaches to choose from, one thing’s for sure, all Manly rental properties have great and easy access to the best beaches and surfing spots.


Walks and Hiking Trails

Ready to get dry and walk off to another adventure? The Manly neighbourhood also has many walking and hiking trails kilometres-long. And the best thing about it is that these paths are friendly to all types of walkers, including families with babies in strollers and the wheelchair-bound. If you’re out for something scenic, take the kilometre-long stroll from Manly Beach to Shelly Beach filled with great views of the ocean that will take you about 20 minutes to complete.

If you’re an avid walker, the North Head Sanctuary will give you numerous trails you could end up exploring for hours. You can either go exploring to historic spots such as the Barracks Precinct down to the North Head Quarantine Station or follow the bush tracks in the North Head national park to catch Australian wildlife and native plants. It’s also a perfect spot to watch the Sydney city skyline and harbour.



There’s no need to get out of Manly for your shopping needs. With the Corso always updated with the latest and best trends to Manly Market Place for seaside shoppers and Harris Farm Markets for the freshest produce, you’re sure to get all your essential needs and wants from the Manly shopping districts. Rest assured, all units for rent in Manly are just a short stroll or drive away from the shopping district.



For art aficionados, don’t feel left out. Manly has a range of museums to entertain and cultivate your creative side. Manly Art Gallery & Museum will both amaze you with their collection of Australian ceramics and indigenous paintings and keep you updated with the local up and coming artists based in Manly.

Of course, Manly wouldn’t be what it is without surfing and yes, there’s a museum planned to be dedicated to the history and heritage of surfing in its famous beaches. From the first surfboards used to ride the waves at Manly Beach to the photographs that capture the best surfers, get a load of surfing history made right in Manly.


Pet-Friendly Spots

If you’re a family with pets, there’s no reason to leave your pets when going out for a stroll or hike. Head over to LM Graham Reserve which allows dogs to zip and zoom around its greens. Doggie waste bags, bins, and water are readily available so you’re sure to have an incredible time with your high-energy pup. Meanwhile, if your dog loves water and swimming, the Manly Lagoon Park is the best spot for you.

If you and your dog would like to experience a wonderful sunset or sunrise, there’s a unique spot where true peace and quiet can be achieved—near the Manly Cemetery. It allows dogs to roam around lead-free and fewer to almost no crowds at all.

Are these 5 reasons enough for you to check our Manly rentals? If rentals are not enough, we also have some properties for sale Manly that you can check out.