January 22, 2021

Home Décor Hacks When Selling Your House

Having your property in tip-top shape or as the professional community likes to call it “staged” prior to sale is not a luxury, it’s a must. First impressions are the making and breaking of any sale, and you want to make sure you’re putting your house in the best possible position. To assist we’ve collated all our key inside home decor hacks to suit any budget and property.

Declutter: In the words of Marie Kondo ‘If it doesn’t bring you joy, throw it out” or in this case, if it won’t bring joy to prospective realtors, don’t have it on show. Be conscious of any over personal items that may be present in the house, like family photos etc. Remember you want the potential buyers to feel as if it’s already their home. If in doubt, minimalism is best, as much as it hurts, no one really wants to see your gnome collection on display in the front hall. 

Heavy-duty clean: Nothing can be more off-putting to potential buyers than grime or stubborn mould marks, so it’s worth its weight in gold getting experienced cleaners to come in and give your property a thorough clean. 

Neutral Palette: As much as possible we would strongly recommend implementing a “neutral palette” throughout the house. This not only is an easy way to open up your space, but it also tends to be a more favourable pallet to the wider market. You may think your purple statement wall is stylish, others, however, may not!

Utilise light:  No matter what the physical limitations of your property there are various ways to improve how it’s lit. This could be as simple introducing some carefully placed mirrors to amplify natural light or updating your window coverings to introduce more sun. As well as looking to improve natural light, updating artificial lighting can be a great way to enhance the mood and tone of your property. Look at introducing spotlighting over key features or updating old fixtures to more modern appealing ones. 

Shape each room: If there are rooms that have become made redundant or sparsely furnished, make sure to stage them in a way that shows how they could be used. For instance, if you have an old childrens room that is now used for storage, re-furnish back to the bedroom it once was, or perhaps an office. 

The devil is in the detail: Small touches matter, and they won’t go unnoticed. Added finishes like fresh bed sheets, clean new towels, folded toilet paper, and neatly stacked fresh goods can give any house that extra “wow” factor.

A feast for all the senses: Sometimes all of the focus can go on visual, leaving other senses like smell forgotten. What may seem like a small aspect whilst updating your home, it can make a significant difference. Consider having fresh flowers in all your key rooms, make sure furniture doesn’t have any lingering odor and there are no food or pet smells present. Try best to stay away from artificial smells, as these can be quite subjective. Maybe even bake some cinnamon cookies!

A second pair of eyes: Once you feel that your house is completely ready, have a second pair of eyes come in and review before the buyers. It’s always good to have an objective opinion and a thorough walkthrough just to pick up on anything you may have missed. 

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