3 mins
September 3, 2021

9 Garden Ideas to Boost your Home's Value

Are you thinking of selling your home but dreading the idea of renovating and breathing cement dust to entice a top-dollar deal with a buyer? Well, don’t despair!

There are more ways to improve your home and maximise its value than calling in builders to rip out a bathroom or build a new kitchen.

First impressions make a huge difference in real estate and if your garden looks great, you’re on the way to winning that first battle to capture the heart of a home-hunter. Gardening can also be quite a therapeutic way to spend the hours if you’re feeling hemmed in with lockdown.

The key is to have a beautifully presented property that will beat the competition of similar homes in your neighbourhood. Almost 3% of a home’s value is invested in the landscaping, according to some estimates, and that all begins with the front garden and exterior of the house.

Below are some tips:

  • Fenceline focus –This will be the first element of your home that a buyer will see. If you have a wooden or brick fence, then make sure you fill in any flaws, repair broken cement or give it a lick of fresh paint. Make sure the gate opens easily. 
  • Hedge your bets – Any hedges near the home should be trimmed to under window level. That will make sure the maximum amount of light will flood into your home, giving buyers a great impression once they’re inside.
  • Branch out – If your garden is looking a little bare, consider planting a mature tree. While these are not cheap, you’ll be amazed at their immediate impact making them worth the investment. 
  • The path most travelled – Fill any cracks in the path or re-lay it if it is very broken. Consider giving it definition by lining it with flowers or a small hedging plant like box or lavender. Outdoor lighting is a cheap, solar-powered option, too that will give your path definition.
  • Keep the lawn tidy – Your lawn must be green and well-kept. Feed it with fertilizer so it looks lush and inviting. Watch for grass creeping into the flowerbeds and over the edges and trim with a whipper snipper. 
  • Mulch it – Lay mulch across the top of your flowerbeds. This will keep the moisture in and the weeds down. It’s a tremendous labour-saving strategy and looks neater too. 
  • Go hi-tech – Buyers love outdoor technology, especially if it enhances security. A gate that opens and shuts automatically is a winner. A doorbell and security camera combo is another good idea. And consider installing motion-sensor lighting for additional security.
  • Splash of colour – If the exterior is looking a little tired, paint your front door a primary colour to make it stand out. This is the height of fashion right now. If that sounds too much, a gloss-black door is another stylish choice. 
  • Brushstrokes – No property is ready for sale without a focus on the exterior frames and sills of the windows. These need to be maintained regularly because of weather damage. If yours are the worse for wear, then sand them back, fill in any gaps and repaint.